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Swagbucks – $50 for Christmas Shopping!

August 7, 2010

I’ve finally started really cashing in some of my swagbucks.  I’ve been saving for gift cards to use towards Christmas, when I realized I had enough swagbucks saved to buy $50 worth of Amazon gift cards!

When I started using swagbucks, I was skeptical.  I didn’t see the bucks accumulating all that fast.  I didn’t think the search results were quite as good as google, etc.  But when I see that I already have $50 I can spend on Christmas for free, just for using swagbucks as my search engine a couple times a day… I think that’s worth it!  I can’t wait to see how many more Amazon gift cards I can buy between now and December 25th!

Interested in joining me, banking those swagbucks that lead to all kinds of rewards – including Amazon gift cards and even cash through paypal?  Just click on any of these swagbucks links – It is free and they’ll start you off with 30 bucks!


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