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$132.22 worth of groceries for $8.00

August 9, 2010

I ran to Meijer tonight before dinner and seriously filled my cart up!  My haul included 2 24-packs of bottled water so that was one heavy cart to push around.

Because of some amazing deals this week and some fabulous catalinas from last week, I was able to score all of this for $8!!

2 24-packs of Aquafina bottled water
5 half-gallons of Smart Balance milk
3 boxes of Morningstar chicken nuggets
3 boxes of Morningstar black bean burgers
Dole salad mix
2-lb. of strawberries
pint of blueberries
3 bags of Sargento shredded cheese
Deli Fresh turkey
5 cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli
2 cups of Chef Boyardee ravioli
4 Ragu pasta sauces
4 boxes of Creamette pasta
4 jars of Skippy peanut butter
Aunt Millie’s wheat bread
3 bags of Meijer potato chips
3 boxes of Pop Tarts
Cinnabon cereal
drink pitcher
80-count plastic cups

Or, more simply, all of this…


From → Meijer

  1. I’m impressed! Usually these kind of savings mean you bought all processed/frozen foods & things my family doesn’t eat. Buddy must be SO proud. : )

  2. Jennifer Mattox permalink

    Ok – now you need to tell us how you do this!

    • All the info for how I did it is in the posts I linked to this one… up there where I talk about the amazing deals this week and catalinas from last week. It’s really not hard, if you have a bit of time to devote to clipping and planning 🙂

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