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Where do I find all these coupons?

August 12, 2010

The Sunday Paper
I get a majority of the coupons I use from the Sunday paper.  There are awesome sites (like the Sunday Coupon Preview) where you can even find out what will be in that week’s inserts before Sunday!  I have a subscription to only the Sunday paper.  If it looks like an especially good coupon week (for example, 4 inserts that week or if there’s a coupon or coupons I know I’ll use), I stop over at Drug Mart where you can pick up The Dispatch for only $0.99!  Paying an extra $0.99 if you know there are lots of extra dollars worth of savings is definitely worth it to me, but that’s personal preference.

Printable Coupons
There are tons of sites for printable coupons.  Many times manufacturer’s will release coupons directly from their site, etc.  I will try to do a good job of linking these up in the grocery lists I make on the blog.  A few wonderful resources that offer a variety of coupons, though, are as follows…

These coupon sites reset at the beginning of each month, so keep that in mind if there is a coupon you know you will want to use.  Many bloggers will tell you to go through and print all the high value coupons or coupons you think you will use as soon as you see them.  The reason for this is that sometimes a coupon that’s there today, might not be there tomorrow (if they reach their print limit, etc) but I don’t do that.  I’ve had too many times that I’ve printed a coupon just to let it expire and totally wasted my ink!  (Yes, I’m a little ink-cheap!)  So, now I print as I go.  If I miss one, I will live.  It’s all totally personal preference!

While we’re on the topic of printable coupons, keep in mind that the coupons from the above site all have a print limit of 2 coupons per computer (not per printer).  Here’s an example:  We have 2 computers in our house, so if I see a coupon for $0.75 off Cheerios on I can print 2 from my desktop then hook the printer up to my laptop and print 2 more copies.  If I also notice that has that same coupon, I can print 2 more from my desktop and 2 more from my laptop.  Then, I’d have 8 copies of that coupon (if I needed/wanted that many).  It is coupon fraud to make photocopies of printable coupons, so although you might save a few bucks doing this… if you’re caught, you won’t save much after attorney’s fees 😉


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