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Meijer mPerks UPDATED

August 24, 2010

Meijer has a new way to save, called mPerks.  I believe it is going to be similar to how cellfire works with your Kroger Plus card.  According to their website, you will just press the mPerks button at checkout (for self-check, I’m assuming – not sure how this will work at the regular registers) then enter your cell phone number to use any digital coupons loaded on your account.  I believe you will also receive text messages from Meijer, but I’ve heard it’s only a couple a month so it shouldn’t kill your text allowance – and you can always opt-out.  There’s also a rumor about a $5 off any purchase over $5 coupon loaded to your mPerks account, just for signing up!!  (Click any of the mPerks links in this post to sign up.)

I just tried signing up and their website was down, but I will for sure be checking this out!  Once I check it out myself, I’ll share my experience.

UPDATE: Later on in the day I was able to sign up using one of the above links.  You enter your info, they send you a text with a confirmation number which you can enter online (like I did) or reply via text.  Then, you can log in and load coupons on your mPerks account including the $5 off!

I ran into Meijer tonight to try it out.  I went to a cashier because I had other coupons (self-checkouts and coupons are usually a bad combo!) and when I asked him about mPerks (after he’d scanned my purchases and before I gave him my coupons), he really didn’t know about it.  He was about to call for a manager when I noticed the mPerks button on the keypad you use to pay with a credit card.  Just touch the button, enter your cell number and any applicable coupons come right off your order.  It helped me to get $79 worth of groceries for $31!  That $5 off is awesome!


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  1. Alicia permalink

    just got back from Meijer. Couldn’t find the clorox wipes at my store . let me know if you find them. I used the $5.00! Awesome!

    • I checked tonight, too, and couldn’t find them… but I did have some clorox coupons, so I bought 3 of the 35-count wipes – ended up paying $1 each after coupons and $3 off. Not too bad… and I use them all the time!

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