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Granville Orchards – Cheap Apples & Peaches!

September 5, 2010

I love taking the kids to an apple orchard for an afternoon of apple picking!  We checked out Granville Orchard on Lancaster Road in Granville, Ohio today and had a wonderful time!  It wasn’t too busy so the kids were able to run around and have some fun.  We sort of just let the kids go wild with the picking and tossing them in our half-bushel bag… We fully expected to have some nasty apples in there, but we really didn’t!  It is a huge credit to the orchard because I’m sure my children are not expert pickers 🙂

Now on to the point of this post… When we first pulled in to the orchard and my husband read that it was $8 for a half-bushel bag, he was skeptical of this being a decent deal.  I was amazed once I did the math, though, of how great of a deal you can get doing a u-pick orchard afternoon.  A half-bushel of apples is supposed to weigh approximately 24 lb. so that works out to about $0.33/lb!!  At Meijer right now, apples are around $1.69/lb and that doesn’t even include an afternoon family fun!

When I ran into the little store after picking to pay for my apples, I noticed some boxes of peaches.  They varied in price but several were only $4 for the box.  The particular box we bought had about 15 lb. worth of peaches, working out to be about $0.27/lb, compared to $0.99/lb. at Meijer this week!

If you are in the central Ohio area, I highly recommend checking out Granville Orchard!  There are other orchards in the area (or your area, if you aren’t local to Ohio) so if you ever visit one, I’d love to hear if your experience is as wonderful as ours!


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  1. Brenda Z. permalink

    I wanna live in Ohio! Pretty sure in NoVa you pay for the experience and then pay 10xs the grocery store prices for the actual fruit and stuff. And there’s not really anything super close. That’s it, I’m moving! 🙂

    • I really think the orchard we found had particularly good prices – LOVED it! It will be a new family tradition! …unless we move back to VA or something 🙂

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