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Disney Movie Rewards

September 16, 2010

There are about a million different rewards programs out there… Huggies has one, Pampers has one, Pop Tarts has one, Minute Maid has one, etc!  Way too many for my to keep up with!  If you were going to pick one to check out, though, I’d HIGHLY recommend Disney Movie Rewards! You enter codes from movies you buy or already own – just check inside your DVD cases for Disney Movie Rewards papers with codes on them!  I had never even noticed these papers until I looked for them and was thrilled to find how many points I quickly accumulated.

After about a year, I have saved 3225 points!  The only thing I ever did was enter points from DVDs I bought or owned, entered a few codes here and there from newsletters they send out (once a month, I think – they won’t spam your inbox), and there have also been a couple “double points” days where the codes I entered were worth twice their value.  Another perk is that they give you a free Blu-Ray on your birthday (I chose Enchanted).  They also occasionally have coupons and other promotions exclusive to Disney Movie Rewards Members.  Right now, for example, there is a $10 off Beauty & The Beast coupon.  Earlier this summer, I was able to get free tickets to Toy Story 3 for my family through Disney Movie Rewards because I had entered codes from Toy Story 1 & 2!  Tonight I decided to cash in 1700 of my points for a Disney Cars Scooter for my youngest son for Christmas.  It retails on Amazon for $39.60 and I will be getting it for FREE – I don’t even have to pay shipping!  And I still have over 1500 points to play with for other Christmas gifts!

I’d definitely recommend checking it out – You can sign up for Disney Movie Rewards here!


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  1. Penny Costley permalink

    We hope your children enjoy this fantastic reward! The scooters are very popular, so get yours while they are available. ~Penny Costley, Disney Movie Rewards Member Advocate

  2. Pissed at Disney Movie Rewards. Stupid software didn’t work and retrying said it did work but it didn’t. No coupons, no forwarding, NO FAIR…. Hmm…I have a lot of points saved up from Disney Movie Rewards…not sure what I want to get for Julie yet, but I’ll figure it out.

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