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Great Kroger Trip!

November 3, 2010

FINALLY, a good week at Kroger!  Yes!  I may even run back in one morning this week!  Anyway, here’s what I was able to grab yesterday for just over $3 (including the reusable bag!)…

See all the match-ups I used here.

OH and the Honest Teas deal is even better, if your store is like mine!  There was a display of Honest Tea with a sign advertising a free reusable bag wyb 4 Honest Teas.  There was a peelie coupon there to take.  I asked a manager I happened to run into which reusable bags counted and he seemed slightly confused but suggested I grab one of the regular Kroger reusable bags.  I did and the $0.99 (cost of the bag) came right off when the cashier scanned the coupon at the register, without a problem.  Be sure to be on the lookout for a deal like this at your store!  There were 3 different Honest Tea displays at my store (all in the organic food section) so look around that area a bit.


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  1. I love Kroger Mega Events! I can’t wait until I can go do my shopping trip there tomorrow. I hope I find the same Honest tea deal. How cool is that? Organic Tea for Free!!

    • Organic tea AND reusable bags for free! The tea is very good, too. If I had more coupons, I’d definitely go back for more.

  2. jenn rickard permalink

    Awesome! We’re going to the Kroger in Perrysburg tomorrow and I can’t wait to score some awesome deals!

    • Jenn, I heard once that the Kroger in Perrysburg doubles higher coupons or something? Perrysburg would be a bit of a commute from Columbus, but I’m just curious!

  3. Melissa R permalink

    Maybe I missed it when I was reading, but did you have a coupon for the Advil??

    • There were Advil and Advil PM coupons in the 9/26 and 10/31 RP. I don’t think I posted that in the original post – oops 🙂 Advil is part of the event at Kroger this week, too, so it will count towards your 10 items. I believe it was priced at $2.50 at my store so it would make it $1.50 or only $0.50 if PM is included.

      Also, there was a deal a couple weeks ago where you could submit your info and they would send you a coupon for a free bottle, which is what I used in this case.

  4. I am so happy about this free tea because I just informed my husband that I would not be buying him soda again. He really likes to have something like that to drink while his is at work, so I am so glad to get this free tea as a much healthier substitute for him to take. Did you have any trouble with your coupons doubling? I know they say at the bottom: one coupon per customer/ household or something like that, but they do have a print limit of three per email address, so I was a little apprehensive about my store letting me use more than one.

    • Anna, I did not have any trouble at all with the Honest Tea coupons. They doubled and the cashier did not question using more than one. I actually didn’t even notice that wording – seems silly since they let you print more than one!

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