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In Sunday’s Paper Surprise!

November 14, 2010

Surprise!  We ended up with 4 coupon inserts this week!  I am going to grab an extra $0.99 paper from Discount Drug Mart because we have 1 SS, 2 RP plus a surprise GM insert!  Make sure you don’t accidentally toss any of them.  Oh, and I also noticed another free photo card coupon from WalMart on the back cover of USA Weekend.


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  1. jenn rickard permalink

    well, darn it! I didn’t get any of the GM in the A-T and I bought 2

  2. I was super disappointed when I got home from buying an extra paper, too, because it didn’t have a GM insert. I guess one is better than nothing so I shouldn’t complain! …but it’s frustrating, isn’t it?

  3. jenn rickard permalink

    It is very frustrating. I asked for the Blade but they were out and I asked for the Columbus Dispatch and she looked at me like I was stupid so I got the A-T. My mother in law said she got a GM in her paper that she’ll pass that on to me so atleast I’ll get one.

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