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Do you do Black Friday?

November 15, 2010

I used to be a “competitive” shopper in a different way.  Growing up, my mom and I always did some Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  My mom jokingly called it “competitive shopping” and I always thought that was a sport I could get behind 🙂  But things have changed… I’m much thriftier now than I used to be and I’m also getting old I guess because last year, Black Friday about did me in.  And I only did one store!  People were just not nice.  I can do overcrowded and I can do rude but I can’t do overcrowded and rude all at once.

Just in case you are a Black Friday shopper, I thought I’d try to give you some info.  Many stores already have their Black Friday ads out.  Below are links to scans of ads that may interest you, thanks to My Frugal Adventures!

Old Navy
Toys R Us

Also, there are several websites exclusively about Black Friday like the one I posted a week or so ago.  If the above ads aren’t what you’re looking for, try these sites. (Thanks, Tracey!) (searchable by item you’re shopping for!)

I plan to do a separate post about the stores I usually cover (especially CVS) and their Black Friday deals.

I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll brave the crowds this year.  There are a couple things I’d love to get at Black Friday prices but I’m waiting it out a bit to see how Cyber Monday looks.  Last year my husband was able to score a $1200 50″ TV for less than $800 on Cyber Monday!  (The poor guy had waited 7+ years for a TV that wasn’t a hand-me-down from when we first got married.)

So… do YOU do Black Friday?  Any other Black Friday-related info you’d like me to cover?


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