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Stacking Puma Codes – Hurry!

December 3, 2010

Bummer!  We just got an email stating that our order was cancelled “due to technical issues on their website on December 3.”  Nice way of saying, “oops, we didn’t really mean you could have those shoes that cheap!”  Ha!

Puma’s website is stacking (3) 40% off codes and has free shipping for all orders over $50!  My entire family of 5 just ordered new tennis shoes for $65*!  Our total saved was $239!

Here are the codes, good on regularly priced merchandise:


While I was shopping, one of the shoes in my cart sold out so I wouldn’t wait if you’re interested in this.  They have some awesome deals after the codes!!

*I thought the estimated taxes the site quoted seemed high, but it was still an awesome deal for us!

UPDATE:  These codes are still working for some people… and not for others!  They are also still stacking for some people… and not for others!  Strange.  I’m heading to bed but good luck to anyone else who gives it a try!


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  1. Holy COW!!! That was a FANTASTIC deal! 🙂 Thanks!!! (found you via MFA.)

  2. Andrea permalink

    I don’t think the codes are still working, i just tried all three and none of them worked for me ) :

    • We had one friend who had trouble but then when he tried again, it worked. Another friend had it work in the past few minutes. I did notice it is only on regular price items. Maybe try again – I’m not sure what’s up. 😦

  3. WAHOO thinks SO much! I got four pairs of shoes for like $78 with tax. I think they figured tax from the original amount, because mine was like $20! Ouch! But hey, we still got awesome deals…let’s hope they don’t cancel our orders lol!

  4. Oops. I meant THANKS not thinks so much. Perhaps one too many glasses of wine this evening? hehe

  5. Patricia permalink

    Thank you for the Puma deal! I got 4 pairs and 4 socks for 75.94! Make sure your total equals at least 50 to get free shipping!

  6. Stacey permalink

    I posted on Charlene’s blog about the kohls deal and saw your post about the shoes. I went right over and ordered up 7 pairs for my family. I, too, thought the taxes were high. I guess it was for the original amount. A great deal though. Thank you!

  7. Ronni permalink

    The codes did not work for me.

  8. Selena permalink

    Not working……….

  9. Katie B permalink

    only letting me use one… bummer… I think I waited too long!!! I need to get the instant alerts from your blog 🙂

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