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Buying & Cooking A Whole Chicken!

December 30, 2010

While at both of my regular grocery stores this week, I noticed whole chickens on sale.  Meijer has them for $0.85/lb. and Kroger for $0.89/lb.  When the lowest price we see per lb. of chicken breasts is $1.79ish, it makes those whole chickens worth a try!  I was always very intimidated by them, but I have learned that they are super easy to cook in a crock pot and can stretch for around 3 meals per chicken!  We usually eat chicken dinner the first night then I freeze baggies of chicken meat for recipes like chicken salad, shredded chicken sandwiches, casseroles, etc.  My favorite tutorial on cooking a whole chicken is the $5 Dinner Mom’s but I also saw an interesting segment on Oprah where Jessica Seinfeld (author of Deceptively Delicious – I love hiding veggies in my kids’ food! – & Double Delicious and wife of Jerry Seinfeld) cooked one in the oven that seemed fairly simple, as well.


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