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Target Toy Clearance 75% Off!

January 15, 2011

Each year in January, Target clearances out a bunch of toys.  They start at 30%, move up to 50% then finally… 75% off!  That’s when I try to scoop up some great finds to add to our “gift closet”… which is really just an organized pile tucked away in our basement.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the gift closet here before, but basically the idea is to grab toys when you see them super cheap (like 75% off!) to use for birthday parties, etc. throughout the year!  This makes it so not only can we save some money on our childrens’ birthdays but can also afford for our kids to choose nicer items for their favorite friends’ birthdays than we’d be able to swing based on our usual monthly budget.  Here are this year’s finds…

Polly Pocket Race & Splash set, regularly priced $24.99 for $6.24
Playschool Adventure Heroes Fireman set, regularly priced $14.99 for $3.74
Playschool Adventure Heroes Policeman set, regularly priced $14.99 for $3.74
(2) Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Disc Launchers, regularly priced $9.99 for $2.48

I also saw an awesome Disney Tangled Transforming Tower Table & Chairs set, regularly priced $49.99 for $12.49!  My little girl is more into the Jonas Brothers than princesses now, though, so it did not come home with us.

I will warn you that Targets tend to vary greatly on when they mark things down.  Also, my store had some toys still at 30% for some reason and many of the signs still read 30% off but were at 75% when scanned so double check if you’re interested in a particular toy.


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  1. Christina bought that Polly Pocket with some of her Christmas $ at Target for $6.24 🙂 I love their toy deals!

  2. Awesome, Lori! I love it when my kids get good deals, too 🙂 haha!

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