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Amazon: Kid Snacks!

February 24, 2011

One of my goals for 2011 has been to get less junk and more health in my kids’ diets!  I have one very picky daughter and two fickle  boys, so I will admit to having days where mac & cheese and chicken nuggets are on the menu!  I have always snuck extra veggies into their diets, but since they are all snackers I wanted to make sure the snacks were relatively healthy.  The boys love fruit so that helps, but I also needed things for on-the-go.

My newest obsession has been Amazon for finding deals on these… or at least making them fit into our budget!  Below are some of my kids’ favorites.  Remember, prices on Amazon can change by the minute (below are the prices at time of publishing) and choosing “subscribe & save” is the cheapest option when available (you can always cancel as soon as you get it).

Kettle Valley Real Snacks $10.98 for 30
GoGo Squeez Apple/Strawberry Sauce Pouches $24.25 for 48
Clif Kid ZBar Chocolate Brownie $11.04 for 18 (recently found these on clearance at Target for a little less than $5 for a 18-pack!  Wish I would have bought them out – I only grabbed 2 boxes.)
Clid Kid Twisted Fruit Ropes $13.40 for 24
Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps $19.16 for 24 (Coscto carries these for less, if you’re a member)
Plum Organics Fiddlesticks $14.47 for 6 (small!) boxes (my kids, even the 8-year old, loved these but the boxes really are small!)

Oh, and I’ve also switched them to Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets and started sneaking pureed sweet potato in their mac & cheese without anyone noticing 😉


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