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So I’m way behind…

April 3, 2011

You may have noticed that I am a little – ok, a lot! – behind on the blog!  I haven’t gotten to the CVS or grocery match-ups yet this week and I really haven’t been posting other fun deals, either.  I’m so sorry!  I have a couple good reasons, though, I promise…

1. My wonderful husband surprised me by taking me on a little 2-day getaway!  His mom was lovely enough to watch the kids and we got to go away and even stay the night in a hotel and sleep in a bit.  Very fun surprise for this mama!

2. I am nauseous.  All the time.  All day long.  But it’s for a very good reason 🙂  Baby number 4 is on the way!  We are very excited, but I am also very tired and queezy!  Haha!  My computer time was usually when I put the boys down for naps in the afternoon, but lately that time has been spent just sitting!  The second trimester is only a few short weeks away, though, so be patient with me until then when hopefully I will be feeling much more energetic!

Ok, so now to play catch up… If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t done my grocery shopping yet this week, either 😉


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