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CVS: No Ad!? I’m so confused…

May 15, 2011

I was surprised when I didn’t find a CVS ad in my copy of the Dispatch this morning, but just assumed it was been a stuffing mistake and thought nothing of it.  When I ran into CVS this afternoon, though, they didn’t have any copies of the ad there, either.  I asked one of the employees since I also didn’t see any signage about the Neutrogena sun care deal that I was so excited about.  The answer I got…

“There is no ad.”


The deals in the ad posted online are not ringing up at my local CVS.  The ECB are not printing.  I’m not sure if this is a regional thing or what, but my store did not receive an ad or any of the pretty yellow sale tags.  The girl I spoke with said that CVS is trying something new and also mentioned that they may begin changing sales on Wednesdays as well.  She didn’t seem to know much more and I left very, very confused.

Now, to clarify, the people at my CVS on Morse Road in Gahanna are absolutely positively wonderful.  They will do multiple transactions and scan piles of coupons with smiles on their faces.  The manager and employees are always very kind to me.  In fact, because they are such nice people they did an override for the Neutrogena Sun Care deal for me.  But I’m still worried about the future of my CVSing!  I might pop in again later in the week to see if I can catch the manager for more details.  Like I said, he’s super helpful and may be able to explain more.

Let me know if you had a similar experience this week.  What’s up, CVS?  I’m so confused!

UPDATE: After a bit of googling, some people are thinking that Ohio is a test market for blackout dates on ads.  I have no idea why this would make sense for a business, but they didn’t ask me 🙂

UPDATE #2: I called CVS to check on this.  I was told that this is a pilot program they are running in Central Ohio.  I expressed my opinion very sweetly and the lady said she would pass along my disappointment to someone else.  Not sure what that means, but I went with it!  Honestly, she didn’t really seem to know much about it, either, so I hope she does pass my concerns along to the correct people.  Here is the number I called, if anyone else is interested: 1-800-746-7287.


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  1. Brenda Z permalink

    What the crap?? weirdness. Very glad that i don’t live in ohio 😛

  2. wow, I thought it was weird that CVS did not have an ad this week! I will be linking back to your post, to inform my readers too. This stinks! I was hoping for the sun screen deal too!

  3. Carolyn permalink

    I also called this morning, got a scripted response from the first gentleman, who admitted he had no idea what I was talking about, and then transferred me to a supervisor when I asked to speak to someone who could answer my questions. She also knew little about what was going on, never mentioned a test market and could not tell me if there would be an ad next week or not. She also gave very scripted responses (she was obviously reciting from a script several times) and said she would pass on my concerns. I ended up flat out telling her nicely that out of sight (no ad) would mean out of mind (no shopping), that with this economy I wasn’t wasting my time or gas money stopping in the store to see if they had ads (which is what she suggested to do!). Can’t they realize that it would be to their benefit to help consumer save more money instead of seeing if we will still shop without sales and pay full price?

  4. Laura permalink

    This is SO crazy! I didn’t get an ad in my paper either and assumed it was a mistake. Thank you so much for the info, because I was getting ready to head out to CVS in a little bit.

  5. jenn permalink

    I got an ad in the Tiffin paper. I will be sure to pay attention when I go out later this week. Hopefully they will have the advertised sales. Why Ohio, of all places for them to test that?? Wierd.

  6. Kim permalink

    Here in Marysville I thought the same thing….it was just missing from my paper. So I stopped in to pick one up and the girl behind the counter (just an employee) said that Central Ohio was a test market and nobody in the Columbus area got ads. I asked what the test market was for and she basically said to see what would happen if we didn’t get ads?!?!?!?!?
    She said Bellfontaine would have an ad, but she did not think the sales would be the same. Since I was not ready to shop I didn’t push anything, just walked out VERY CONFUSED!!!! Thanks for the number – I’ll give them a call.

  7. jenn permalink

    HA! I really love using your site to help me get my deals. I use a couple others too, but yours doesn’t waste my time by listing every single thing in the ad. You just list the good ones. Hopefully you’ll get an ad next week or atleast figure out what the heck is going on!!

  8. I had my whole cart loaded up with sunscreen and olive oil. Thankfully, I went to price check it all since there were no sale stickers on the shelves. I then put everything back on the shelves and walked out of CVS empty handed. So much for their test market experiment!

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