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Organic & Natural Buying Tips

June 1, 2011

For those of you who like to buy some organic foods, I know how expensive that can be.  Here are a couple things I’ve found that can help reduce the cost, though…

1. Watch for sales and clearance specials at the grocery store.  Ok, so watching for sales is kind of a “duh” one but also keep an eye open for those Manager’s Specials at Kroger.  My Kroger in Gahanna routinely has organic and natural items for 50% off or more.  Just yesterday, my wonderful friend Brittany tipped me off that gallons of Horizon milk were half off at my Kroger store on Manager’s Special.  I’ve also found other snacks, baby foods, etc.  Sometimes the foods are close to expiring but other times it may just be a change in packaging or that they are over stocked on an item.

2. Don’t forget about Amazon!  It has been consistently cheaper for me to order some of my kids’ snacks on Amazon, using subscribe & save. Amazon also usually has cheaper diapers than you can find in the store.  Amazon’s prices can change by the minute, though, so it may not always be the best deal.  Just don’t forget it as an option.

3. Trader Joe’s also has many great items but isn’t as pricey as stores like Whole Foods, in my opinion.  Sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy Trader Joe’s bananas at their per banana price ($0.19 per banana or $0.29 per banana for organic) than the grocery store’s by the pound price.  Their organic milk is $5.99/gallon.  They have several snacks my kids (and I!) like priced at $1.99.  They also have an awesome wine selection with very affordable options.

I try to keep in mind that I pay little to nothing on all my toiletry items and things like butter and cereal… which can leave extra room in my grocery budget if I want to splurge on an organic or natural item.


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