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Amazon: Pampers Swim Diapers

June 7, 2011

Right now on Amazon (and you never know how long prices last with Amazon), you can grab a 24-pack of Pampers Splashers for $6.89* if you’re an Amazon Mom member.  Check them out here – There should be a $1.50 coupon to clip (just click on it) right on that page which stacks with the Subscribe & Save price of $8.39, making them $6.89 ($0.28 per diaper).  We bought a pool pass this year so I will definitely be grabbing a pack of these!

*Just as a reference, an average sale price for swim diapers this year has been $6.99-$8.99 for a 10-12 count pack.  The cheapest I’ve been able to grab them this year was Meijer for $6.99 this week, minus a $2 coupon (5/15 SS) making the 11-count pack of Huggies Little Swimmers $4.99 ($0.45 per diaper).

UPDATE: Emily also mentioned in the comments that Amazon has 20% cloth swim diapers when you use the code SHORTSWM at checkout.  This makes the iPlay swim diaper only $8!


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  1. Emily D permalink

    Alternately, Amazon is also offering 20% off of cloth swim diapers, so you can get iPlay swim diapers for $8.00 instead of $10.00 🙂

    • Emily D permalink

      Oh, the code is SHORTSWM – forgot to mention that

      • Oh I’ll have to check that out! We cloth diaper but we’ve never done enough swimming to make it worth buying the cloth swim diapers – this summer I’m sure we will, though!

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